Media Art was founded in 2002 as agency dedicated to publishing, RTV production and consulting services for media. In 2010, agency was transformed in LTD Company. In this very moment company has three employees, but with certain project is launched Media Art engages staff on part time base or as contractors. The list of permanent and temporary associates contains more than 300 writers, journalists, experts, producers etc.


* Production of AV content

* Development and implementation of radio and TV formats

* Books and magazines publishing

* Consulting and support services for media companies

* Literary agency specialized for placing ex-YU prose and drama abroad (limited number of titles)

* Distributor specialized for placing Serbian AV content abroad (limited number of titles)



MEDIA ART had established high-quality and stable partnerships with a great number of organizations in Serbia and abroad. Some of them are Basic Lead (France/USA), Digital Divisions (USA), Weekend Media Festival Rovinj (Croatia), City TV Foundation (Slovakia) Saudet Media (France), USAID (USA), Novi Sad School of Journalism, Trade Chamber of Serbia, Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina, FOS Serbia, Vojvodina Government (Secretariat for Culture and Media), Ministry of Culture and Media of Serbia, Zmaj Children Games, production companies Advance, Studio Dag, Vilenjak (Serbia).

Some of clients of Media Art are public media services in region, Radio Subotica,  RTV Spektar, SAT TV, TV Metropolis, Novi Sad Fair (Serbia), Ministry of culture and sport (Montenegro), IREX (USA), Antenna International Enterprises (UK), UNDP (Mission in Kosovo), CFI (France).



UNDER THE SEVENTH GATE (in production), documentary, versions 25, 54, 80 minutes (in production)


Joca Bakalov, amateur archaeologist, indicates the existence of Neolithic settlement for years and finally he takes part in real archaeological excavation. He found some answers to the questions that were bothering him through years, and one of them is What were people like from Borđoš in Banat that lived there 7000 years ago.

Movie has working title Under The Seventh Gate because archaeologists found many ceramic dishes at one of the many gates at Borđoš. They didn’t expect to find them there, so that is the very interesting part and they hopping to find some new answers about people who lived there.


DO YOU SPEAK MEOW? (2015), education puppet series for children, 13 x 7 minutes.


An alien cat (Rrra), a linguist, is learning terrestrial languages, and since the first language he mastered is Serbian he came on the Earth, and through Serbian, he is starting to learn other languages and Đura, our domestic cat is helping him.

The goal of puppet TV series in the first half season is to teach the viewers the most basic conversational skills and some 300 words (introduction, questions and answers with who, what, where, when, why), as well as at least ten words that the children can hear in their environment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, backyard,  ports field, park, supermarket, pastry shop, puppet theater, movie theater, beach, street, pet store) or terms that represent children’s everyday life (family, friends, games, colors, time, body parts etc).

Sold in Macedonia, optioned in Croatia, Bosnia and South Africa.



THE PICTURE ON THE WALLS (2009), documentary, 24 minutes

Whose pictures people keep on the walls in their homes and at work? 13 persons on the walls, 13 people they mean something to…

Award for the best domestic film on the XIX International Festival of Ethnological Film in Belgrade.



THE SIXTH’S DAY REVISION (2007), 3D animation, 2 minutes


Hunchback of Notre Dame in Paris buys a poster of Jesus Christ in the street, takes it to his room, tears it apart and compile it again, making God by his face construction.

Co-produced with DAG STUDIO and it was the part of selection of a few international festivals including Short Film Festival Belgrade and The Golden Knight Moscow.




250 very short radio dramas (30-300 seconds, 10 genres included) broadcast by more than 30 stations in Serbia and Bosnia. License available.




Since year 2010th  MEDIA ART provides services of location management and story research for international TV market. The first project of this kind was done for PILGRIM FILM & TV (USA). One episode in series Ghost Hunters International was filmed in November in Petrovaradin and broadcast in February 2011th.





The project ELECTRONIC EDITIONS should promote literature written in language(s) spoken in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina as e-books. Following the concept publishing plan covers titles from literary heritage, but also prose written nowadays. In twelve editions MEDIA ART publishes not only classic literature, but also genres such as thriller, science fiction or horror. Special attention is given to young writers.


LINK, magazine for professionals in media

LINK was launched in 2002 and it is unique professional magazine in countries of ex-YU. In October 2010 it had changed the concept – instead of monthly edition it exists now in two versions. The first one covers global media topics and it is edited by Association of Serbian Journalists, the second one is dedicated to one topic in media (language, children etc.) and published by Media Art.



Magazine in English was co-published with Basic Lead from Paris, France, and it is dedicated to TV content and formats. It is targeted at the decision makers in TV industry, acquisition and program sales managers, as well as to the programming managers in TV stations throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Sixteen issues were published in Serbia (2006-2009). Magazine from 2011 exists only in electronic form.



Interactive DVD made with goal to inform domestic production and hence their better penetration in the domestic but more importantly, the international market. It contains successful trailers, samples of contracts, samples of effective promo materials, price lists and similar material which could be used as applicable tool in content distribution. DVD was published in 300 copies and distributed to productions and TV stations with in house production. Textual part of the guide (in Serbian) could be used independently and it could be found at https://www.floowie.com/en/read/svetsko-trziste-av-only-book



The main reason for starting this edition was the limitation in LINK magazine, which, due to the lack of space could not host ‘in depth’ covering of a topic. Just like LINK magazine, the structure of the edition enables media professionals to use it easily in their everyday work. Some twenty titles were published till now.


Since year 2005 MEDIA ART had created or had contributed in creation of program strategy for some twenty Radio and TV stations. Also, MEDIA ART provides services related to content production and content implementation.